Audio Engineering
The Stude provides audio engineering services for recording in its facility with service on both analog and digital recording equipment.  Our highly qualified and skilled team ensures that the recording process is seamless, so the artist can focus on his/her craft. In addition to customary recording techniques, we are constantly researching to keep up with today’s latest advancements in recording technique and technology.

Mobile Recording
The Stude can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously on-site, in addition to a stereo recording of crowd/ambient noise.  In this scenario, the individual audio streams are intercepted at the mixing desk and stored in a digital format.  These individual streams provide maximum flexibility in recreating a mix at a later time in either stereo, or surround-sound formats.  The Mobile Audio Service, paired with TwentyFiveEight’s Video Production Services, provides the ability to create full length concerts, performances, seminars, etc. (The Mobile Audio Service may be also paired with The Stude’s mixing, mastering, and/or surround sound mixing services.)

Multi-Track Recording/Mixing
The Stude is equipped to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously and mix a virtually unlimited number of tracks at once.  We can mix material recorded in our facility, from our Mobile Recording Service, and material from other studios as well. Our mixes can then be used to create 5.1-7.1 surround sound mixes and also be mastered in-house.