5.1-7.1 Surround Sound Mixing
The Stude offers surround sound mixing for film and music production.  Whether we are mixing the audio for an independent film or mixing a band’s album, The Stude houses a surround sound mixing facility to provide high quality and competitive mixes to its clients. (The Surround Sound Mixing Services are a good complement with Mobile Recording, Engineering, and Mastering Services.)

Audio Restoration
The Stude has the capacity to correct imperfections in audio recordings such as loud background noises, distortion, clicks, crackles, pops, and/or hiss. (The Audio Restoration Services are a good complement to the Audio Transfer and Mastering Services.)

  • In an interview, sometimes background noises are louder than the interviewee.  With audio restoration, the background noises can be tamed so that they are not a distraction to the interview itself.
  • Old records and tapes inherently contain pops, crackles, and hiss.  Audio restoration helps minimize these imperfections to make the content, rather than the imperfections of the medium, the primary focus.

The Stude has the tools necessary to finalize audio content (music, film, etc.) in its final stage of processing.  In this final stage, the audio is “sweetened” and its quality is maximized for the medium in which it will be distributed.  We work meticulously to ensure that the final product is competitive with the industry standard.

Mixing for Film
The Stude’s mixing capabilities are not limited to music only.  Our facility is also equipped to mix for film. With this ability, we can mix content including full length films, commercials, and concert performances. (This service matches up well with our On-Site Recording, Sound Design, and Surround Sound Mixing Services.)