Author: Jimmy

I've lived in Scranton, PA all of my life and grew up in a very musically rich and talented family. As a result, I developed a fascination and love for anything and everything music related. I've been in the Scranton band scene for over ten years now and have worked on projects with my own bands, as well as other local and international talents. The Stude, the recording studio that I currently own and operate, was created out of my love for many of the facets of live and recorded sound. I do my best to stay current on the latest recording trends and technology during this rapidly changing technological evolution, but at the same time, I use this technology to my advantage to get the best out of my analog gear, which is at the heart of my love for music technology. If you are a serious musician or songwriter looking to make some good works of art, I would be happy to help you reach your artistic vision!